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Kieker Trac

Kieker is an open source application monitoring and analysis framework. It has been designed to gather information on the internal behavior of large-scale software systems. This internal behavior cannot be determined on the basis of static (e.g., source code) analysis alone. Kieker provides complementary dynamic analysis capabilities, i.e., monitoring and analyzing a software system's runtime behavior — enabling Application Performance Monitoring and Architecture Discovery.

Please visit the Kieker web site to learn more:

Issue Tracking


Meeting agendas and minutes are now available in our Meeting Space

(the Meetings old agendas/minutes have been migrated)


Our Development Space includes details on the following topics:

  • Project organization
    • Project management and collaborative tooling
    • Development process
    • Developer account set up and removal
  • Developing with Kieker
    • Setting up development environment
    • Kieker coding conventions setup
    • Documentation in Java
    • Quality management and static code analysis
    • Git Repositories
    • Build system and continuous integration
    • Gradle 101 for Kieker
  • Release Engineering
    • Releases (6-month cycle, plan, template)
    • Creating a Release
    • Release plan and template for schedules
    • Testing
  • Related Tooling
    • Developer Guide for Kieker's WebGUI
    • API scanner for Kieker record structure

User Documentation (Links to Kieker Web Site)


Kieker Monitoring Adapters

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